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Terms & Conditions

If a cancellation notice is received less than four (4) weeks prior the course start date, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the course fee. In exceptional circumstances (serious illness, dead in the family), persolog Egypt may offer the participant attendance at a future course offering.

persolog Egypt will confirm your cancellation request within four (4) business days of your submission/receipt of request.

Transferral of course registration to a later date
In case a participant who has already paid the amount and wants to transfer his/her attendance to the same course taking place at a later date has to pay a possible cost difference.

Course cancellation by persolog Egypt [or its delivery partners]

persolog Egypt reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event due to insufficient enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances. If possible, persolog Egypt will provide notice at least 15 business days in advance of the course commencing.
persolog Egypt cannot be held responsible for any costs, including cancellation/change charges assessed by airlines, hotels or travel agencies.

Minimum number of participants on a course
In order to make courses viable persolog Egypt needs to have a minimum number of participants enrolling. The reason is to ensure that courses are effective and financially viable. Any course that has less than the minimum participants, will not be a large enough group to participate in high quality group work or discussions. Minimum number of participants to be communicated upon course confirmation.

The course fee includes:

Meeting facilities, speaker‘s fee, course materials, seminar flat rate.

The course fee does NOT include:
Accommodation,transfer, hotel, etc.

NOTE: Business days means everyday of the week except Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays.